OS Seiko - specialized in precision parts for cars, aricraft and IT


Our Products

  1. IT Products

    optical fibers, metal package for optical module, lens holder, receptacle connector

    <Quality of the Material> Kovar, ASTEM-F15, 42 Alloy, 50 Alloy, tungsten steel, Inconel, SUS430
  2. IC Products

    wafer, bump contact probe, pin, ultra precision milling, ultra precision small hole drilling, jig for CPU package manufacturing, jig for inspection tool

    <Quality of the Material> Kovar, 42 Alloy, 50 Alloy, ceramics, silicon carbide, Ekonol, Ultem
  3. Aircrafts

    various connectors for aircrafts -hermetic adhered

    <Quality of the Material> 50 Alloy, 42 Alloy, Kovar, ASTEM F-15
  4. Automobile, Cars

    processed precision parts for common rail system, grow plug for diesel engine, processed precision parts for airbag system

    <Quality of the Material> SUS430, Inconel, 50 Alloy
  5. Medicine, Biotechinology

    processed precision parts for allergy inspection, ultrasound inspection

    <Quality of the Material> Pyrexglass, ceramics
  6. High-Brightness LED

    smallest LED package (lead frame), glass lens (patent pending) and others
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