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OS Seiko Co., Ltd. Japan

Specializing in exporting the finest car parts, components, optical fiber for communications and semiconductors.

Our products include:

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Welcome to the website of OS Seiko!

OS Seiko is a Japanese company that specializes in making and brokering the finest quality industrial parts and components for cars, computers and other electronic products. Our products are used in various fields ranging from IT, IC, automobiles, and aircraft to medical and others.

OS Seiko has been serving the largest electronic companies in Japan such as Furukawa Electric, Ibiden, Kyocera, Sharp, Toshiba and Toyota Industries, as well as small local firms.

We now export overseas and strongly believe our products and service will be of great benefit to you.

Saburo Okamura
OS Seiko Co., Ltd.

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OS Seiko., Ltd.
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